1. ሰለሞን ሰላም ይብዛል ሁል ግዜ በሕይወቴ ብቸኝነት ሲሰማኝ የጥላሁን ዘፈኖችና ያንተን ፕሮግራም በመስማት ነው የምፅናናው ፤ ጥላሁን ያረሳሳኛል የአንተ ፕሮግራም ያስደስተኛል ያኮራኛል እኔ ኑሮዬን በቴክኔኩ ዓከባቤ በመካኔክነት ነበር …………

  2. Nice. But why don't you provide English subtitles on your programs so that people who do not speak Amharic can understand them. It was enlightening deep in the program to hear Dr. Haile's explanations in English.

  3. Dear Sol, thanks for uploading, but what makes u late to upload the show as quick as possible? As most of us have no chance to watch the live broadcast on EBS,
    I remember in one of ur show u talked about how YouTube dominate TV, does it not include u😏

  4. thank you sol as always I love it…, she is my role model I fascinated by her speech on "Ted" and her works that is why I joined master in Material Eng.,,..esti endi yetedebekutin felfililin Sol.

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