Mr. Bekele Gerba Denied Bail for the Fourth Time


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

D/Chair of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) Mr. Bekele Gerba’s bail request delayed for the 4th time, it is reported.

Mr. Bekele Gerba was accused of transgressing clause 4 of the anti-terror law but a verdict to defend himself for breaking clause 257 (ሀ) was given instead.

The argument that his lawyer made was, the clause that he is ordered to defend himself doesn’t imply he has committed crime. There is no cause to be afraid he will abscond and leave the country. He has a history of travelling to a foreign destinations but he always comes back to his country. He also argued, Mr. Gerba is capable of fulfilling his obligations and present himself to court. He has a known address and is a responsible family man. With such arguments, it is to be recalled, his lawyer, Mr. Amaha Mekonnen submitted the bail request on 14/07/2017.

In return, the attorney general, in a letter written on 20/07/2017 requested the bail request not to be granted. The reasoning given by the attorney general for the denial was lack of precedence to grant bail for an accused ordered to defend their case. He also reasoned the accused may commit similar crimes or leave the country.

It is also to be reminded; the court previously promised to examine the matter by considering both sides of arguments and come to a decision on 26/07/2017 but instead indicated has not been able to finish studying the case and appointed another hearing date.

During the session that was held on 04/08/2017, the lawyer, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar argued; like other cases, this case doesn’t warranty and doesn’t need to be given repeated appointments. The case should have been concluded in 48 hours but this is the 4th postponement and it contradicts the current law, he argued.

Mr. Abdul-Jabbar also asked the court why his client didn’t appear in court for the last four hearings. The judges replied by saying, we do not know the reason why he was not able to appear and decided 08/08/2017 as the next hearing day.