Mr. Bereket Simon has submitted his resignation, acknowledged an official from the Ethiopian government


Abbay Media News
Shiberu Tamerat

In his interview with the VOA Ethiopian government communication director, Dr. Negeri Lencho denied having any knowledge of Mr. Berket Simon, a longtime government operative pending retirement from his official post in government.

However, a day after his interview with the VOA Dr. Negeri acknowledged to news media outlets and party mass media that Mr. Berket Simon indeed has submitted a letter of resignation to quit his position in the government.

Last week, Mr. Bereket Simon has reportedly submitted his letter of resignation as a member and chairman of the board of The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Mr. Bereket has also been serving as vice director under Abay Tsehaye at the Policy and Research Think Tank Institution.

Mr. Bereket is also submitting his resignation from his vice chair post at the Policy and Research Think Tank Institution.

Today October 17, 2017, Dr. Negeri head of communication director confirmed to media outlets, Mr. Bereket Simon has submitted his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. However, a day earlier during his interview with the VOA Dr. Negeri has denied having knowledge of Mr. Bereket’s pending resignation from his post in government.

Dr. Negeri acknowledged that Mr. Bereket resignation request is being reviewed by government officials. However, Dr. Negeri was unable to say why Mr. Bereket wanted to resign from his government position.

Mr. Bereket is widely believed to have a very close working relationship with Abay Woldu, head of Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF) and General Samora Yenus.

The eruption of the factional infighting within the ranks of the TPLF leadership resulted in pro-Abay Woldu camp and others aligning with TPLF founder Sebhat Nega. However recently the balance of power has tipped in favor of those aligned with Sebhat Nega. Those with knowledge of the rift in the TPLF speculate Mr. Bereket Simon’s intention to resign from his government post may have something to do with it.

Until the completion of this report, Mr. Bereket Simon has not spoken to anyone regarding his intent to resign from the government.

People are expecting Mr. Bereket would toe the same line as Mr. Abadula Gemeda, who recently submitted his resignation from the government. Mr. Abadula says his main reason for leaving government is “to save his people and party from demise”.