One third of Tarekegn Metasebia Hotel guttered by fire


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

One third of Tarekegn Metasebia Hotel was guttered by fire by freedom fighters in the area. The hotel at Iste, Gondar, is frequented by authorities of the minority led Ethiopian regime. PG7 radio reported, there were an exchange of gun fire between the freedom fighters and the regime’s soldiers, but the report didn’t include if there were causalities from both sides.

The report included, the freedom fighters left the area to avoid civilian causalities, when it became evident that the crowd and the number of onlookers started to increase.

Sources also indicated, Iste, Indabet, Wolesha, Mikre, Qinate, Magot and Semada, areas in south Gondar, are where intensive struggle are being waged. Due to the unrest in these areas, all the markets are closed.