1. Thank you for your time. I forgot to respond on time. 3-D printing is a footprint on the snow or sand, that real explorers will track. God, I'd love to see, even what's the beginning. What a future from that TOOL. Richard. Thanks.

  2. Probably not, as I doubt one can transplant a new brain to replace one that it aged without killing the patient, but it would probably let us easily live over 100 years

  3. Right now it's in the early stages, but I am going to take a wild guess that 30 years from now this technology will be fairly common, but not perfected. 100 years from now and I am sure they will have it mastered. We've come a long way in a short period of time and it's very exciting that some day humans may live longer than we do now. I am sure only the rich will benefit, but still amazing nevertheless.

  4. Iirc there is no real freedom of expression. There are always things you cannot say (heck, you can't even sing the happy birthday song outdoors cos it's copyrighted). Doesn't the government deny some people their freedom of expression just because they don't like their behavior? So how come these people can be denied of their freedom of speech 'for the greater good', while others can't be denied the freedom of health care using the same logic?

  5. Embryonic stem cell research is also extremely prone to catastrophic failure. Outside a few gimmicks like growing ears on a rat or two, nothing has been achieved.

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