Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

As reported, due to uprisings that ensued in Debre Zeyit (Beshoftu) over 2,000 people have sought shelter at the Air force base.

Eye witnesses indicated, the youth, including 16 children and the elderlies from Wolayita region, are not getting enough food and are on the verge of starvation. Owing to this fact, the people in the shelter have asked the city administration to return them to the region of their birth.

The city administration, on the other hand, has refused their request and has also denied their claim of starvation. The city mayor, Mrs. Gennet Abdalla, denied the claim of starvation and has said enough food have been given by city residents to the people who are in shelter. She included, we have tried to talk to them but they preferred to talk to the federal government instead. The mayor has also reiterated, the people from Wolayita region have all the right to live in our region and denied their request to send them to their birth region.

The people sheltered at the base has come out in mass and requested to be transferred to their region. During the protest march it is claimed that they have damaged properties, but there are no independent reports that corroborates the Claim.