Planned Christmas Eve musical extravaganza at Bahir Dar failed miserably


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Planned Christmas Eve musical extravaganza at Bahir Dar Grand Resort Spa didn’t happen due to the recent bomb blast. The minority led Ethiopian regime with its chameleon character and its contempt to the public tried to add salt to the wound and douse the popular uprising by applying psychological pressure but utterly failed.

Thinking that the planned concert will not happen because of the bomb blast that happened Wednesday week, the regional minority led Ethiopian regime authorities changed the venue to Ice City Incubation or to the building beside Mulualem Cultural Center. Nevertheless, only 120 tickets were sold to the regime’s officials and their followers and only about 50 attended the concert.

The concert that has the security support of Federal and Special Forces including crowd control was to be held the day after Christmas but was unable to attract crowd. The officials of the regime and concert organizers have lost a lot of money due to lack of attendance. It is known the artists who were to present the concert were, Tamirat Desta, Johnny Raga, Esubalew and Yared Negu. These artists were repeatedly warned not to attend the concert but to no avail and they need to expect the wrath of the people come freedom day.

The regime that will not stop any stone un-turned to stop the popular uprising has continued the harassment and imprisonment of ‘bajaj’ drivers, passers-by, workers of the resort, etc. in earnest since the day of the bomb blast.

During the blast on the building owned by Mrs. Tiliksew, a lot of Birr which was an accounted was missing. This has become another reason to harass and imprison the hotel’s innocent employees. A campaign of imprisoning and killing is continuing in Bahir Dar.