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Money raised by Sotheby’s will also go to two other large social projects.


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ROME REPORTS,, is an independent international TV News Agency based in Rome covering the activity of the Pope, the life of the Vatican and current social, cultural and religious debates. Reporting on the Catholic Church requires proximity to the source, in-depth knowledge of the Institution, and a high standard of creativity and technical excellence.

As few broadcasters have a permanent correspondent in Rome, ROME REPORTS is geared to inform the public and meet the needs of television broadcasting companies around the world through daily news packages, weekly newsprograms and documentaries.


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  1. Lamborghini dudes should have brought with them a Professional driver. So, that he, or she could have driven the Pope around. Now, the fact that il Papa rode on the car would raise its auction price that much along with his autograph,,

  2. What irony, the logo of the brand is a BULL….
    Just like the bull that can't wait to shred Tammuz into a million pieces.
    But unfortunately for him, the child wants the exact same thing. I think the only way to solve this problem is by playing the game of "who can catch the bastard first".
    This, if the eagle haven't done it already.
    Yeah… There is just one thing worst than being the weakest link…it is to follow one!!

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