President Trump fires Secretary Rex Tillerson


Abbay Media News
Surafel Asrat

Upon his return from Africa diplomatic mission, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is fired from his position as a chief diplomat. President Trump, in his twitter account, announced today he had fired Secretary Tillerson and will replace him with Mike Pompeo, a current CIA director and Trump’s closest ally.

It has been an open secret among Washington politicians that there are stark differences between Trump and Tillerson when it comes to major foreign policy issues. Right after his Twitter announcement, president Trump told the White House reporters, “We were not really thinking the same”.  He further pointed out that he has different thinking and mindset than the Secretary of State.

It is unusual in US history and perhaps is the first time when the president fired his Secretary of State through Twitter. According to many state department accounts, the president never called the Secretary of State to tell him he’s fired from his position as a top diplomat.