Prisoner of conscience and journalist Elias Gebru released on bond


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

The prisoner of conscience and journalist Elias gebru Godana, who was illegally arrested by the so called Command Post, was released from Kilinto prison, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yesterday August 2, 2017. The so called, Command Post, is the provisional authority in Ethiopia that is in charge of running the country during the State of Emergency that was declared shortly after the 2016 uprisings.

It should be noted that journalist Elias Gebru, former Andinet (Unity) party leader Daniel Shibeshi and journalist Ananya Sori were jailed together. It should also be noted that Elias Gebru and Daniel shibeshi were ordered to be released on bond by the Bole Subcity High Court back on Hamle 10, 2009 (July 17, 2017). Elias Gebru and Ananya Sori were producers of the ethiopian news magazine Addis Gets that published the last interviews of the well known Ethiopian opposition politician Bekele Gerba before his imprisonment.

Journalist Daniel Shibeshi produced the required monetary bond just like his friend Elias Gebru but was not released from jail as the Bole Subcity Court did not send the Release Order to the prison.

The Court ordered both arrestees to stay in the country until court proceedings on this matter are complete. The same court instructed the prison authorities to send photo identifications of the two accused ethiopians to the National Security Authorities.