1. ቴዲን አድናቂወቹ እንዳያስቱት…ምናምን የምትቀባጥሩ፣ቴዲ ለፍቅር እንጅ ለአድናቆት ብዛት አልዘፈነም። ይሁዳን በጌታ እንደምናስታውሰው፣እናንተንም በቴዲ እናስታውሳችኋለን።
    ደሞ ጭፍን አድናቂ ይላሉ እንዴ? ሁሉም እንደ እናንተ ካላወራ እውቀት ያለው አይመስላችሁም? ምድረ ቀፎ!

  2. music is not my profession but as much as my understanding i agree with reyot but i have to say on one of twodros tsegaye point.
    which he says that. one of the reason he cant compare with tilahun because of his album numbers that realy not true a single album can be taller than any legendary works.quality makes more point than quantity.this social lebelaization makes tilahun untouchable.for me muluken and others will be stand next to him without any hesitation this is just my personal comment i think you guys have to invite proffesional peoples for a critical disscussion.this conversation goes back n forth with tedy n his fans thats y professionals has to involved

  3. let me remind you Teddy Afro never said. please share and subscribe argu belo lemeno ayakem. he got these all followers just by doing great… please atesedebun….midea alen belachu.or milas alen belachu

  4. do you know what weyane did on him ….right? but at least he is still doing it…. I am 100% sure if weyane did that on you, you would close your mouth forever…. yes don't teach him! again. stop!

  5. ጎበዝ ነገሮችን በቅንነት መመልከት እንማርእንጅ :: ማንም የተሰማውን የመናገርና የመተቸት መብት እንዳለው መዘንጋት የለብንም :: እነቴዲ ደግሞ አድማጮቻችሁን ለማስረዳት የተጠቀማችሁበትን ሀይለቃል ሳታበዙ እያዋዛችሁ ይሄን ህዝብ በሃሳብ የመሞገት ልማድን አስተምሩልን :: እናንተም ስራችሁ ምርጥ ስለሆነ አትፍሩ ::

  6. lesson, Teddy Afro followers admiring him not believing in him OK! for example I believe in GOD. however, he is teaching love and unity …while these things are not allowed in Ethiopia this days right?

  7. lenegeru sew yakemun new yemiseraw…so this is your job ….shame on you. he is the only person teaching love and unity….that is why we Real Ethiopian love him! please don't try to get subscriber by doing criticising Teddy Afro.

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