1. Andnet, what you don't understand is the proverb what it says " the enemy of my enemy is my friend " that is why Ginbot 7 is based in Asmara. That is politics sir. You have to cooperate with your light weight enemy to fight and destroy your heavy weight enemy. One more thing to say to Andnet is to keep your emotional comments on Oromo or any other ethnic groups. I admire Tewodros for his point of view in this discussion. Thanks

  2. ታሜ በጣም ገዢ ሀሳብ ነው ያለህ የምታስበውና የምትናገረው ነገር በቋንቋ አሞካሽተህ የማታልፍ በቀጥታ እውነትን የምትናገር በመሆንህ ልዩ አድናቂህ ነኝ በተለይ አይኑን ከፍቶ ለሚያይ።

  3. Very good discussion but why the majority Ethiopians are silent ? It is time to raise up our voice. We have to say this identity politics is enough. It is clear Ethiopia is on brink .

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