1. በጣም ታሳዝናላችሁ መንቀፍ እና ማበረታታት የተለየ ነዉ ሸርም ላይክም አያስፈልግም አድናቂያችሁ ነበር ግን አለማወቄ ነዉ ልቦና ይስጣችሁ

  2. Im assuming you guys have a genuine agenda to promote Ethiopians interest. The funny thing is there is an Agame guy in the panel and he seems one of the completely brainwashed TPLF generation – a generation with amaharas and Ethiopian itself as perceived enemies. The most coward and stupid Tigrie generation that country has ever seen.The fact is TPLF in the first place doesn't consider Ethiopia their country – they consider Ethiopia their wild/colonial resource base for their nightmarish goal of establishing a so called greater Tigrie. You guys might try very hard to pretend and present TPLF a government of Ethiopia promoting Ethiopia's interests. The rest of the world has finally come to realise the sick mentality of TPLF and its sick Tigrie generation. Why would the international community give millions of dollars to a sick gung like TPLF who can not think beyond its tribal identity?

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