1. ወይኔ ሰላምዬ
    እንደ ኪሩቤል ያሉ ወንዶች ድራሻቸው ይጥፋ ኪሩቤል ያው በፊልም ነው ግን ትክክለኛ ህይወት ላይ የሚኖሩ አሉና ድራሻቸው ይጥፋ

  2. Kaleb I really wish you send your man hear to fix some some people exactly like curibel and that man who proud of himself by abusing his ex wife and negilectinghis inocent daughter ,

  3. Kaleb yesenitun guda new yedabesekew , I cried from happiness when you punish that stupid man who abused his wife. effffuuuu kaleb, you have no idea how many women suffer .
    Now I want see when that kirubel got punished by your man pleasssssss . especial for causing baby lost , we have a lot but no one speak up . so you are our story teller.