Spokesperson for Belesa Council in Amhara Regional State Assassinated


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

The assassination of government officials by unknown perpetrators has become a serious concern for authorities in Bahir Dar.

The spokesperson for Belesa Council, Ato Fenta Tarekegn, has been found dead in Bahir Dar, according to Abbay Media sources. The spokesperson, who is known to frequent traveling to Bahir Dar and other towns for work is believed to be in town for a meeting. He was staying at Bahir Dar’s Zenbaba Pension until the meeting ended.

Abbay Media sources suggest Ato Fenta Tarekegn may have been abducted on Wednesday November 29, 2017 by unknown group/s, assassinated and his body dumped into Lake Tana. Its widely believed the unknown force/s who did the assassination could be freedom fighters in the area but no one has claimed responsibility so far.

The spokesperson is known by the community for pointing his figurines and incriminating people to government security forces to be jailed and killed.

Few weeks ago Abbay Media reported about the assassination of another government official; Commander Desalegn Lijalem of the Amhara Regional State Police.