Students at Debre Berhan University staged demonstrations


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

First year engineering Students at Debre Berhan University staged a demonstration in the campus. The failing of all students in the recent exam they took was the reason for the unrest.

The university blamed the failing of all students on political motives and tried to appease the anger of the students. The demonstration that was staged last Wednesday lead to the destructions of classroom windows and other university properties.

The president of the university requested the students to stop the demonstration and the destruction of properties and start discussions to solve the problem. It is reported that the discussion between the students and the university administration has happened. During the discussion the university administration told the students, the result of the examination might be politically motivated and tried to calm them.

According to sources, the president of the university, Mr. Getachew Tefera, blamed teacher/s involved in the preparation of the exam as collaborators of anti-peace forces and an investigation will be conducted on the teacher/s.

Even though the students have stopped their demonstration and calm seems to have been returned, the tension in the campus is still very high. Students who are close to the university administration and the system are attending classes with the rest to keep an eye and avert the unrest.