1. I knew about the oil mist, never heard that exhaust could be in it, and can not understand how exhaust could get in. They used to get air from behind the first fan. The oil that comes off that bearing is misted into the air. It is minimal in a perfectly working system, but the system is never perfect, and maintenance nowdays is always reduced. Sometimes the seal just all out fails, and that is when you get that "Cabin All Full Of Smoke" situation that you have heard about many times before. It is not smoke, in this situation, but looks like it in every way, so people just think it is smoke from something burning. Of course, they are never told what has actually happened. How your body reacts from the oil is different for all. Depends on countless things. LOL, they should lube the first bearing with Olive Oil, problem solved LOL. Olive oil may not work (but maybe it would), but certainly they should use some natural non toxic oil in the first bearing, but of course, nobody will ever consider that.
    EDIT: This applys to most if not all brands and models of passenger jet planes, they all get cabin air from this source.

  2. "In the days when smoking was allowed on an airplane, it was generally recognized that by the airlines that, for the comfort of the passengers and crew, it would be necessary to vent the cabin and bring in fresh air from the outside. But once smoking was banned on airlines, the decision was made to stop venting the cabin and to recycle the air from the engines "

    How about we bring back smoking on the plane? There was a reason why airliners ban smoking on the plane and its not because it is a "fire hazard" contrary to popular belief. It is simply because airliners want to save money venting the plane with new oxygen.

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