1. Beritce please stop asking some dumb questions read the history of Alkebulan's or the Ethiopian's or African I'm not talking about the current Ethiopians because they're called Habesha or the Abbyssinias, for ur all Africans are called the Ethiopian's which means burnt skin or dark skin people not bleach skin people.The Greek armies the Egptos conquered n changed her name from Kermit which means the land of blacks to Egypt Sudan was changed from Nubian to Sudan which means black in Arabic word , The Romans conquered Egypt, Turkey's,Arabs in 621Ad under the command of Saladin, the German's, France n British were the last mayor of that land Shalom.

  2. Please stop giving China so much power over your beautiful continent. Whoever controls your media controls what you think and believe. We in America know this is true. Control your own voice to the world.