Teddy Afro’s ‘Ethiopia’ Album Launch Party got Last Minute Cancellation


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

On Sunday September 3, 2017 the long awaited Launch Party of Laureate Tewodros Kassahun’s Album titled Ethiopia in the capital city of Addis Ababa at Addis Hilton took another twist: Last minute cancellation by Ethiopian government authorities.

The Ethiopian government has always scrutinized every move of the famous music artist Teddy Afro that advocates for unity of all people regardless of their ethnic group or religious persuasion. Under the current government the artist has gone through multiple illegal arrests and frivolous murder charges for which he served jail time.He has also previously been denied from traveling abroad for hosting his own concert. Despite all that his fan base continued to grow and his single release dubbed “Ethiopia” sold 3 million copies within the first 90 hours. The full release of the album also hit the world record and held the #1 spot on Billboard’s World Album Charts.

The more famous Teddy gets the angrier his adversaries become. This year Teddy Afro was denied permission to use the ‘Millennium Hall’ for hosting the Launch Party of his album on the occasion of Ethiopian New Year celebration. Determined as ever Teddy Afro prepared the Launch Party at the five star Hilton Addis Hotel with free entrance tickets for all at his own expense. And it is this party the Addis Ababa authorities decided to call off just hours before opening.

Abbay Media reached out to ‘Jorka, Joyous and Danny Davis’, the hosting groups, on +251 973 060606, +251 974 060606 and +251 975 060606 but all phone numbers were out of service.