The American Government warned its Nationals not to travel to Bahir Dar


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu


According to ESAT’s report, the embassy of the American Government at Addis Ababa warned its citizens not to travel to Bahir Dar following the recent bomb blast at Bahir Dar Grand Hotel. A ban is imposed on all its employees not to travel to Bahir Dar as well. In its manifesto, the embassy stated it is following the danger traveling to Ethiopia may pose and notify its nationals.


No statement from the regime regarding the blast at Bahir Dar Yet. Nevertheless, the search and the harassment have continued and there are several youth and employees of the hotel that are detained on suspicions.


Prior to the blast and the decision that the hotel took to stage a musical extravaganza, fliers entitled; “Before the blood that is spilled in the city dries, it is not morally correct to stage music show” were sent through Facebook in opposition. According to the city youths, the hotel is run indirectly by Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) high officials.


The musical extravaganza was aimed to pass a message that the region is safe.