The City of Bahirdar remembered it’s martyrs with two bomb explosions on the eve and a complete boycott on the first anniversary


Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

There were two bomb explosions in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia yesterday on the eve of the one year anniversary of the Massacre of at least 50 people on August 7, 2016. The bombs targeted the offices of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) , one in the neighborhood known as Kebele 11 near ANDM main office and another on ‘Peda’ Road near the entrances of Bahir Dar University at the home of a government agent. According to sources close to ESAT, the bombs were dedicated to the 50 youth victims that were murdered by Agasi sniperists in ‘Cobble Stone’ neighborhood during the peaceful protests of the 2016. The extent of damage and the responsible party is not known yet but a secretive organization named “Bahir Dar Youth Organizing Committee” has called for a peaceful boycott for today Monday august 7, 2017 in memory of the Nehase 1 (August 7)  Martyrs’ of Bahir Dar.

In reply to  the call to close businesses and stay home, the streets in the city of  Bahir Dar today were totally abandoned, shops, cafes and other businesses closed even as the authority flooded the streets with armed soldiers and the police. The Mayor Ato Ayenaw Belay and The police unit leader have acknowledged the implementation of the boycott earlier in the day.

While some businesses like Millenium Cafe were opened surrounded by security forces, there were some others that voluntarily ignored the call for boycott and were open to business. Among those voluntarily opened businesses were ‘Flavour Juice Bet’, Karibu Cafe, Grand Cafe, etc who may soon be hard hit by public sanction as the “Youth organizing Committee” asked the people not to use the goods and services from these businesses.

Meanwhile in solidarity with and in support of Bahir Dar, the situation was said to be very tense in the towns of Debre Tabor, Woreta, Gondar, Woldeya, Dangla, Enjibara and others in Amhara region with some closing their businesses.

In the end the people of Bahir Dar spent the day mourning its martyrs, in defiance of repeated calls by the authorities to ignore the boycott and with the promise the martyrs’ blood will not be lost in vain.