The clash in Woldia has claimed the lives of innocent civilians and some government soldiers


Abbay Media News
Shiberu Tamerat

A violent protest broke out when Mekele city (Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia) soccer fans started taunting the soccer fans of the host city of Woldia (Wello, Northern Ethiopia) with demeaning languages and the violence that followed resulted in a loss of life and the destruction of properties.

The head of the Amhara communication director said, one person was killed by security forces that moved in to control the situation from getting out of control. However, those who monitor the situation very closely are saying the communication director is downplaying the number of dead and added three people were killed by military snipers.

Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the protesting residents of Woldia, leaving some protestors requiring medical attention. There are also reports that two government soldiers were also killed in a gun battle with the protesters.

There are other reports indicating a standoff between the local Amhara region special forces and the federal government soldiers. The Amhara special forces are defying orders to shoot at their fellow Amhara protestors. The federal government soldiers were seen moving in to take control of the city in place of the Amhara region soldiers. Reports are coming out that a number of government soldiers have abandoned their post with their government supplied military weapons and their whereabouts unknown.

There is a palpable fear that the protest that started in Woldia might spread to neighboring regions of Raya, Kobo, Hayek, Debere Tabor and Gayent. Buildings that belong to the government and organizations affiliated with the government and countless vehicles have sustained damages due to the protest in Woldia.