The Minority Led Ethiopian Regime Took Political Decision to Make Bahir Dar City Football Team Guilty


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

ESAT sources reveal, Bahir Dar City Football team is blamed and decided to be punished for the recent clash that happened during the premier league match that was held in Mekelle. The decision that was given by the Ethiopian Football Federation is expected to be revealed this coming Friday.

To avoid the decision will have political implications, a letter based on the report of the referees and premier league committee members has been prepared as evidence, ESAT sources indicated. Sources also indicated; Ethiopian Football Federation’s decisions are politically motivated. To make Mekelle City Football team guilty will pave ways for other regions to rise. It is believed the easiest solution to avoid other problems is making Bahir Dar City Football team take the blame and be punished.

It is to be reminded; the cause of the clash was insults based on ethnic origin were being chanted by Mekelle City Football team supports throughout the day.