The Patriotic Ginbot 7 Convention Ended with Call to Action and A Press Release


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Yassin Ibrahim

The patriotic Ginbot 7 convention that took place in the Eritrean desert-like country and began on Wednesday September 6, 2017 ended on Monday September 11, 2017. This General Assembly which is said to be unique in its kind brought together two of the three branches of the Movement: the diaspora executive members and members of the Movement in Eritrea aka The Popular Force that are in action on the ground. The PG7 movement didn’t say anything about the presence or the absence of its third wing – the underground operating branch inside Ethiopia.

In a press release on its website,, the PG7 Movement chronicled the topics of discussions, the reports presented , the resolutions passed and the elections conducted.

The General Assembly’s assessment of the current situation in Ethiopia can be summarized as follows:

  • The country has never faced a problem as severe and dangerous as this one;
  • The problem is as the result of the policy of fear and hatred created and propagated by the ruling party among different sections and layers of the society, ethnicity being one of the major fault lines;
  • The animosity, fear and hatred has now spread between TPLF on one side and its servant parties like ANDM, OPDO and others on the other side as well as in between  the later ones;
  • The crony capitalism created by the current Ethiopian government has made few of the elites extremely wealthy leaving the rest of society extremely poor and fighting for basic survival;
  • The basic societal values of responsibility, duty, trust, respect, cooperation, caring, etc have completely been eroded giving free reign to corruption, cheating,getting reach at the expense of others, all of which have further complicated and deteriorated the situation;
  • Absence or lack there of, basic safety and security even to members of the ruling party apparatchik  is a sign of grave and imminent danger. While the safety and security of authorities was never the worry of PG7, the consequences of in fighting among them dragging the country in to lawlessness and anarchism is a primary concern of PG7.

The Convention dedicated substantial time for in depth debate and discussion on the future plans of action and unanimously reached to the following:

  • The intensity of the fight to save the nation must be set at a higher gear before the situation spirals out of control;
  • The goal that puts the struggle for freedom  on the higher gear must be set and defined;
  • The strategy to reach the goal set must be charted;
  • The necessary organizational capacity to carry out the strategy must be built and
  • Highly qualified, efficient and cohesive body to lead the organization must be put in place.

The press release addresses the Ethiopian people by first recognizing how they were underserved, taken advantage of, mistreated, robbed and abused by the past three consecutive governments with incremental state of misery from the feudalist monarchy, to the communist Dergue and to the current brutal and apartheid government. It then states that bringing the power to the people of Ethiopia  through the democratic system of government is the only solution and that PG7 will continue its struggle for freedom and justice at higher scale than ever before. The PG7 Movement for Unity and Democracy calls upon the people of Ethiopia to stand by the movement and assist with whatever means they can afford.

In a call to the Ethiopian political opposition PG7 reiterates that it is not fighting to seek political power but to create a political system and set the stage for free and fair elections where political parties can, without fear and oppression, compete for political power. It calls upon all opposition parties to join PG7 at any level of cooperation in the struggle for freedom and justice and save our country from the grave dangers facing the nation.

Similar calls are also sent to the governing parties that form the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) except to TPLF (Tigrean People’s Liberation Front) as TPLF is the party that has the political, financial and military monopoly over all the regions of Ethiopia and the crime perpetrator.

The full content of the press release in Amharic can be found at or at

Thursday September 14,2017

Updates: Patrotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy announced that Professor Birhanu Nega was elected to be the Chairman for the next term of three years.