The search for the dead and loved ones halted


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The known numbers of death in ‘Qoshie’ landslide have reached 113 (200 according to residents), residents report. The search for the dead and loved ones is ordered to halt since yesterday. The reason given by the authorities for the halt is the removal of the recent rubbish from site before the resumption of the search.

Following the order to stop the search, youth’s unrest is gaining momentum since last Friday. Nevertheless, the efforts of the youths to uprise and vent their angers on the regime are being frustrated by repeated dispersal of the gathering by security forces.

It is reported the president of the minority led Ethiopian regime was not present in any of the burial ceremonies of the 200 innocent victims of the landslide. This act has angered the survivors and youths.

Residents have demanded the regime to offer free medication and ongoing medical support for all the youths who were searching for the dead and injured through the rubble, it is reported. The youths have also advised the city mayor to continue the search for the dead as well as increase the manpower for the effort. They also added, to be mindful of the youths and engage them in gainful employment so that they can improve their life instead of ignoring them like the past.

The Washington Post have informed its readers in its report regarding the incident at ‘Repi’ by saying, an agreement amounting to 120 million dollars was reached between the regime and Cambridge Industries for renewable energy from the rubbish at ‘Qoshie’.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to all surviving families. May God bless all their souls.