The war is still raging at North Gondar


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The war between freedom fighters and the regime is still raging at North Gondar. Since the regime suffered unexpected defeat, it has started burning houses of farmers in the area as revenge.

At Wogera district, Ankash, 10 houses were burnt the day before yesterday. Today, Tuesday, two of Mr. Mesfin’s, a freedom fighter, houses was burnt down to the ground at Janamora. Exchange of fire has been going on since morning.

Reports received from the area indicate, during the fighting that went on last week, the regime’s soldiers are the ones that suffered most of the casualties. Several dead soldiers were buried today.

In other news, several citizens at Quara district are being bitten and imprisoned to force them to submit their arms. At North Gondar zone, Quara district, Legeber suburb, several farmers were bitten by armed soldiers and many have gone bushes to escape the bitting, residents indicated. The wife of the farmers that went to the bushes were detained and forcefully raped by the armed soldiers, residents from the area revealed with bitterness.

Wanna Haile and Derebe Demas, farmers, were severely bitten and their arms were rendered useless, residents reveal. Another farmer was accused of feeding the rebels and both the farmer and his wife are imprisoned living their children to suffer. Residents indicated that the regime is also confiscating arms from the ones that it armed itself. The society is forcefully asked to feed the armed soldiers as well.

The disarming is still continuing in the regions zones and those farmers who declared they do not have arms are filling the prisons to their brims. Since the fighting at North Gondar between the regime’s soldiers and the freedom fighters are increasing, the regime is forced to intensify the push to disarm citizens.