1. The next step I was hoping for to appear when me and my team have designed our quite unique virtual Human Anatomy Dissection Lab (2010) – using OSS/Free Software + a multi-touch based 2D/3D environment + our advanced e-content generator that allowed the teacher to had the AV annotated 2D/3D movie available at the end of the virtual dissection session.
    But if this is based on MS HoloLens technology we have to be cautious to (finally) see the full release of the technology, because it may easily end like the Google Glass or Google Cars…very promising…but…yet not ready 🙁

  2. “If you want to be recognized as the best in your field, do way more preparation than anyone else. I dissected 20 cadavers to really understand connective tissue; most physicians have only dissected one cadaver in their lifetimes. In order to really understand swimming mechanics, I spent 20 hours a week for a year and a half studying underwater videos of World Record swimmers frame-by-frame. As a result, swimmers now pay 500 percent more for my swim camps because I can guarantee an improvement in their times.” —Bob Prichard, president of Somax Performance Institute

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