1. Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria should be part of the top ten. His foreign policy during his administration brought about the change in South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. He was a great leader.

  2. Mandela is 1 because of western political innuendo. Nkrumah was as original as Marcus Garvey. He spent Ghana's treasures on Pan African projects including the OAU which angered Ghanaians. 'There you have it Osagyefo' You are second to Mandela who only looked out for only SA after independence. Remember Marcus Garvey!

  3. If you are a president and your name doesn't appear on this list then you should know you are a disgrace to Africa … In my opinion, i think DR Kwame Nkrumah should be number 1 because he paved the way to the liberation of most African countries. But anyways This is a perfect list. What we should know is this president served their country so well and we should follow their steps for Africa to be great again. LONG LIVE AFRICA

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