“TPLF is in a quagmire because of rampant racism and irrational decisions” says Kassa Tekleberehan, Ethiopian Ambassador to the USA  


Gaddissa Kuma

Mr.  Kassa Tekleberehan, the newly appointed Ethiopian Ambassador to USA, implied that insatiable craving for total dominance has weakened the ruling Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF) threatening its own survival. He also said it is critical for TPLF to arm itself with ideas that are just, rational and free of racism as well as to instill these ideas among the people. Mr. Tekleberehan shared his views at an interview commenting on what must be done to preserve the late PM Meles Zenawi’s legacy. What is ironic is that Mr. Zenawi was the architect of TPLF’s domination in every facet of the nation’s social, economic and political life imposing a widely despised Apartheid style minority dictatorship. More over, Mr. Tekleberehan is also a key player in creating and protecting the same dictatorship illegitimately occupying various senior leadership positions.

More than anything, Mr. Tekleberehan seems to be unhappy with the internal reviews TPLF conducted resulting in the criticism of few corrupt individuals. Following the nationwide protest against the regime, TPLF has been engaged in a public relation campaign accusing few officials and their families and lackeys for corruption restricting their access to part of their wealth and freedom to travel out of the country. Mr. Tekleberehan seems to caution his senior TPLF officials against targeting him and his peers if they want to save their own skin as they are also deeply immersed in similar crimes at a bigger scale.

During the interview he was asked whether TPLF would have been able to overcome its current challenges had Meles Zenawi been alive. He answered this question by saying it is pointless to compare the present with the past as it will not be possible to resolve any problem because Meles has left us never return. His advice was for the people to free themselves from the shackles of a dead person’s spirit and to start working towards a practical solution.  His answer, although delivered with some timidity, will earn him few enemies among the majority of TPLF supporters who still insist that the destiny of Ethiopia is tied with the late Meles Zenawi.

Mr. Tekleberehan is one of the long-time TPLF members who became excessively wealthy in a short period of time through corruption. Along with Ms. Azeb Mesfin, the widow of Meles Zenawi, Mr. Tekleberehan received a degree from the TPLF controlled Civil Service College before graduating from high school.  He is also accused of buying a Master’s degree from one of the colleges that grant diplomas for a fee.