Uprising in Sudan opposing the lifting of bread subsidy by the government claimed the life of a student


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The Sudanese government lifted subsidies for bread that it was providing its citizens, it was reported. Following the lifting of the subsidy residents clashed with police and a student was killed during the skirmish.

The action of lifting the subsidy by the government sent the price of bread soaring. Students who went out to oppose the deed of the government were seen throwing stones and burning tyres. It is stated police used teargas to disperse the demonstrating crowd. Medias were also banned from reporting the price increase of bread due to the import of wheat flour by local companies.

The foreign minister of Sudan has warned the public necessary force will be used to stop any demonstration that leads to the destruction of properties.

It is to be remembered that 80 people were killed by the government following the uprising in 2013 opposing the lifting of Government subsidy on fuel.