1. Well, to be fair, like hepatitis drugs this will definitely be way too expensive for anyone. Optimism (the most important factor) and healthy living will have to do for others.

  2. Sounds like cancer patients have been priced out of America. You just received a piece of understanding super-hyperinflation. Let's explain this again. USD valuation is $0.16 and is targeted for $0.06 and will go as low as $0.006. FEDs target is $0.06 today. It essentially means, the remaining amounts needed, to equal 1 USD is added, to the run of the value. Therefore, the USD is worth -$0.84 and ultimately sold for 2x-3x the amount, at which is the floor cost of everything you buy if it's not the value menu.

    So $417,000 isn't $417,000 , to buy it, rather priced 2x -3x the amount at which the USD is sold per dollar for each item on the BOM. Since the USD has no value. It requires a sell-off at 2x-3x its current value just, to equal 1 USD with a margin. It takes $14 for 1 USD, to become profitable. You must underwrite, the sell-off at 2x -3x or charge $14 per item that, goes through your register.

  3. all is for business purpose. keep away yourself from GMO food, take whole food and natural food and pray to the almighty that is the secret of Living

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