1. Trouble is that no one can tolerate the slightest pain anymore. It's not as though pain is a new thing, and neither are addictive pain medications (morphine is ancient). It's not the meds – it's the people who like the effects a little too much. Besides, I can guarantee that most people addicted to oxies bought them off the street and were never prescribed.

  2. it's a American norm to SUE!!
    everybody knows that opiate are adective and writing in a box, how come this people didn't know??? looking for easy money!

  3. Years of people coming into government positions to deregulate industries to, then leave and go to work for said companies(revolving door of government) has left this government completely dysfunctional.

    imagine if we had 50 billion people on earth, would we need to regulate births?
    the more people we have the more regulations we need but we have spent decades deregulating what our ancestors deemed that needed regulation. from banks to nuclear power plants all because it "stifles progress". yet while we used to thrive under regulations now we have a nation with one problem after another.

    That's the problem with democracy, too easy to hijack. Wake up america, this is the government for the rich by the rich, "lets make the money and pass the bill to the tax payer".

  4. As someone who has chronic pain I find this stupid I've been on strong pain meds and I take it when I have pain and never abuse it. I eat healthy and even try to back off my pain meds only YOU are responsible for abusing medication and getting addicted.

  5. If the doctors prescribing these things did not know the addictive qualities of these things then they did not know the history of heroin relative to morphine and methadone relative to heroin: to believe that pharmaceutical companies alone are responsible for the lack of appropriate dispension is to ignore the obvious fact that the addictive qualities of these things have long and well be known. ~ That said, one would recommend a liberalisation of the regulation of these chemicals, for recreational use, occasional emotional relief, and on-going pain treatments, in full light of said addictive qualities which, when used justly and with due care, are not so bad as some might have one believe, especially where one allows for gradual reduction of dosages should addiction occur, and with full awareness of the mild mood elevation and opiate blocking properties of buprenorphine (itself addictive, but of great clinical application in weanings away from opioid fixations). Fact is, the criminalisation of heroin is in no small part responsible for the current situation, and that is down to the US govt. of the 1950s.

  6. Pharma companies are bribing and "schmoozing" doctors to prescribe their medicine, while they know patients will be highly addicted. Far more money is made that way than by "illegal drug trafficking" because of the sheer scale… Mark my words, people are just to ignorant, because "illegal drugs=bad" and "prescription medicine= good". This black/white education is dangerous and feeds stupidity and ignorance!

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