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  1. Egypt follows the Shariya law. Egypt reached a level much better than Ethiopia in all aspects because the whole country of Egypt follows the Shariya law .

    It would have been very wise for the betterment of all Ethiopians, if all of Ethiopia starts following the Shariya law now.

    Currently in Ethiopia the Shariya law is applicable only to married Muslim Ethiopians, if the Shariya law applied to all Ethiopians in the country except listing married Muslim Ethiopians the only people who are allowed to benefit from the Shariya law , then all Ethiopians would have been better off.

    All Ethiopians should be allowed to rip the benefit of following the Shariya law not only married Muslim Ethiopians. Ethiopia would have been a much better country than it is now if Shariya law was followed by all.

  2. Thank you !!! Anjet ares ye mels mite new !!!
    Ene endewem agare partewech baschekoy ke Ehadg gare mekelakel albachew bey Amnalho!!!
    Eskezare end 2 zega ye tekoterobet zeman ye bekal !!!!