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  1. ANDM changed name to ADP to move away from tplf which created the organisation in the first place as a tool to destroy the amhara. A few of the leadership including Bereket Simon, Kassa tinkishu, Addissu legesse, abraha t/sadik and others have now gone but there remain many hybrids of tigre/oromo, amhara who are still eating up the organisation like a cancer from inside.
    the organisation started to show some muscle when Dr Ambachew and Gen Asaminew came in. Now the government has murdered two bright independent thinking leaders under the guise of a coup in an attempt to bring the organisation back into servitude.
    Instead of changing name, ADP has to change policy to show that it truly represents amhara interest. For 27 years this organisation has served as the right hand of tplf and millions of amharas have either lost their lives , displaced or their lives destroyed. for a change to happen in the organisation it is important to give the leadership to someone who has a proven record for his ability to represent amhara interest.
    The new leader seem to be forced on ADP from Abiy ahmad. Many people comment that he is a ‘yes’ man who will revert ADP back to servitude to who is in power in Arat kilo. if this happens , then the amhara have no choice but to to take action to get the leaders they want and choose.
    the people have no more patience or sentiment to carry mercenary killers on their shoulders any more. We are waiting to see what the new leader is going to do as his first job. i suggest he should free all political prisoners , including those who have been arrested in connection with the so called coup. this will help to create unity and stability in the region.
    then he has to demand the removal of ‘federal’ force from the region who have taken over the region without the request of ADP.
    THEN HE HAS TO produce a policy to stop further arrest of amharas and other ethiopians under the cover of coup attempt concocted by abiy ahmad.
    Then the investigation into the massacre of the leaders should start earnestly. these are the minimum number f issues the people expect the new leader to tackle immediately.

  2. Currently in Ethiopia the evil children , that did not even finished high school , teen agers , inexperienced who happen to be dollar millionaires/billionaires get more attention to the ideas they bring to the table , than the good experienced not wealthy intellectuals within Ethiopia .

    The intellectuals are having a hard time convincing or relaying ideas because the money minded illiterates had monopolized the stages, these people want to be monopolizing the spotlight everytime .

    If you take the example of Ambachew he was siding with the illiterates letting them monopolize the stage while pushing the literate Asaminew’s idea away .

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