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  1. What the hell is Abiy doing? When the support dwindled down and people comes to question his ability and credibility he started going after innocent Amhara who has nothing to do with this event. He knows he is hated by every Ethiopian except few of his own groups who are the beneficiaries.

    The Con artist Abiy who poses as the peace maker in foreign countries is creating chaos and running amuck by attacking Amharas.
    This needs to get international attention to save Amharas. Protest and show the world how Abiy is, the criminal leader and a day light hyena who is killing Amharas.

  2. ESAT was the Voice of Ethiopians, but like any other organization their are sellout in ESAT and most of them are sold to Mulah Abu Satan PM Abiye rotten cow dung worm talk. The problem with Ethiopians is they sellout easy just like DEbebe Eshetu for leftover of the Satanic occupant Abu Satan Abiye Minilik palace food. Ethiopia needs an Ethiopian leader not a puppet for enemies of Ethiopia.
    Ethiopia must be for Ethiopians first. Abu Satan Abiye is OLF right hand man who takes order from Asmara.
    Abu Satan Abiye Ahmed Amed worries more for Eritreans and Sudan problem than Ethiopian’s need. He is a traitor and a closet Amhara hater (Ethiopian unity). He must be stopped before he does more damage.
    Abu Satan Abiye is a filthy anti Ethiopian con Artist. No negotiation on Ethiopian Existence, Ethiopia’s enemies must be put beyond salvage.

  3. እነዚህ ውሾች ጃዋር መቼ ነው እስር ቤት ሚገባው ምስኪኑን ብቻ ያስራሉ ሀገር የሚያምሰወን ትተው

  4. ያልገባኝ ነገር በቁማቸው ኢትዬጽያ ካሉ መቀሌ ሄዶ መቀበርን ምን አመጣው እንደው ጠየኩ እንጂ የሚፈልጉትን ይፈጽሙላቸው

  5. እናተም ጌዜጣኞች ደከማቹ ሞቱ ታሰሩ ተፈናቄሉ ወዜተ እኛም ደከሜን ሞቱ ታሰሩ ተፈናቀሉን መስማት ሰዉ ይታሰረ ነበረ ይሞትም ነበረ ስፈናቅልም ነበረ ግን የዜንዲሮ የተላየ ሆኔ ምን ይሁን የኢትዮጲያ ህዝብ ጌታዉን የበደለዉ እንደዝህ አይነት ዘረኛን ያዘዘበት ጭንቀታችን በዛ አለቁ ኢትዮጲያዎኖች ከየትሳ እጀምር ግራ ተጋባን ወገኖቻችን

  6. እረ ምን ጉድ ነው ባላደራስ ከሟቹቹ ጋር ምን አገናኝው አብይ አደብ አድርግ ምነው ኦነግ እንደፈለጉ ሀገር ሲያናውጡ ዝም ብለህ ምንም ያላደረጉትን ታሰቃያለህ ወንድ ከሆንክ እስክንድርን አትይዝም ነበር ወራዳ