1. 100days of Trumps administration result is so far so vigorously hard towards of American foreign affairs. Trump has made bold move against the competitors who robbed the influence of America on international stage such as in the Middle East. Trump made a visible confrontation with Russia, North Korea,China and her in Africa Trump has changed its focus from Ethiopia to Egypt and Kenya.
    I believe this president is going to make a bold and very strong action either it's good or bad in the coming months and years that any other American presidents action in the past. The motto America First and let make America great again but by the expense of the world will be the hard core of the presidents policy that in return make the America to engage with world in bitter battle for control of interest . The American First motto will make the American also to pay a hefty price but America is still great and still First in all category which Trump didn't satisfy with that made the president to look for more influence in the world stage. The president will face the pretty tough resistance from the re-emerging power like Russia,China,Iran,North Korea, economically the EU also . Therefore more deadly tough decision will be made by the president in days,months and years to come with the hefty price. The world and the American has to embrace themselves to face the hardship. While the president on campaign trial he has been considered as if the best friend of Putin. He too used to express his admiration that he has towards of Russians president Putin. But the reality is going to be the opposite. The two leaders, Trump Vs Putin are going to be the worst and bitter men towards of one another . Because the motto America First and Let make America great again is the obstacle of Putin that he no longer a tolerant and an observer of Americans influence in the international world stage . The two interest will make the two leaders to collide for interest of conflicts. Therefore the future is more ….????

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