1. And actually what are doing in a foreign country country if you think so about the kenya current leadership. You could as well be in kenya and pay your part in building a better kenya anyway. Cost of living in sweden Is expensive than any other country in Europe

  2. Give us a break.kenya is at its best with jubilee so far.germans were at their best with their Merkel leadership.but they still didnt remember the Nationalwide financial crisis that Merkel mastered when the refugees storm hit Europe.. It's human to be criticism but very stupid to be a trouble maker,a person of chaos and full of negative.Raila is a pure chaotic and a ticking bomb.no one can actually predict his plan. He changes like the weather.

  3. I agree with you!!! if the elections will not be free n fair,there will be a big problem! people are tired but they can't speak. the only way they can talk is through elections!!! which its not even fair!!! we need change,we have to get rid of this family inheritance project of leadership!!! even those who are support this government are suffering more than us! but they are swallowing it just in the name of tribalism

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