1. it was hard for me to watch this it's reminds me of what happen to my dad couple of months ago..he was hospitalized for a month and when I was heading back to US he's condition worse, he seems likes he doesn't want me to leave, when I got here my siblings and I were monitoring him in skype 4 days later he pass away… I don't need you guys sympathy I'm just sharing what I experienced with this Fucking stroke.. forgive my English I'm a Filipino and legally living here in U.S.

  2. Smoking and take always don't really help I'd say a bit of junk food don't hurt but just have a decent hearty healthy meal like salmon n veg n shredded weet n garlic n all that n not to forget allso exercise 😀🍌🍌🍌👍 and God bless to the people who has lost a love one through this ❤️ respect

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