Stratfor Vice President of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart examines the Manchester concert bombing in the context of recent attacks against other soft targets.


  1. I would be interested to know if you and your company are able to see a connection between Trump's visit to Israel during that same time, and the potential for Isreali Mossad to be a likely source, or if that's not how Stratfor works.

  2. he was on police list, he was active drug user. simple pyroxid bomb ..if u plant bugs and then start scraching ur self then it natural.. after brexit britain will be even more offshore for dirty money and plan take adavtage of global arms maraket ..rezult of policy what else. as tecnologies developing things go only worse .

  3. It has nothing common with islam, don't even thing about connecting poor refugess and great muslim community with this small accident, terrorism is normal. Woman without black bags on their heads should stop provoting

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