1. DO. WE CARE? By the time they finish debating of who’s right or wrong, this saying will come true “MAN WILL DESTROY ITSELF” we are doing a good job. Send all the rich to Mars, seems like a trend now.
    You should have had guests that have a real take on what’s happening in our world, they simply spoke of winds, they had limited knowledge.
    They failed to mention the pollution from the cars you drive, which will give us cancer, in Canada 1 in 2 will get cancer, quite a nice outlook for our children. Everyday there is a VOLCANO eruption, whether small or huge, the big ones spew ash into the atmosphere which in turn gives us rain for the next couple of months. 154 earthquakes worldwide in the past 12hrs. not counting what happened in Mexico last night. The earth is rumbling, it cannot be held together, we retrieve from it but do not replace it with the same element value, take for instance oil, we extract and replace with water, does it have the same strength as oil? We mine the earth and replace with sand, it’s like building a castle, it’s bound to crumble. PERMAFROST Those who live in the Arctic have warned us, 7,000 methane gas bubbles in the permafrost in Russia that’s not counting what’s happening in Canada’s Arctic, when the USA decides (because they are money hungry) they will head there to mine the gasses or oil, all I have to look forward to is the big boom when It ignites and burns. Congo Crimean EPIDEMIC Hazard in Africa involving Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever 5 cities currently listed and the list goes on.
    DO WE CARE? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see all of this.

  2. everyone warned rise in just 1'C in ocean would influence major global environment changes.
    chinese, americans etc…, care for GDP raise rather than thinking its disaster costs More.
    now humans get ready to pay prize.
    satellites, nuclear missiles, submarines, battle tanks won't stand against nature.

  3. We are living in the last days of mans rule. What we are seeing in the weather, and other disasters around the world, that are occurring on a daily basis, only proves that God the creator is real, as He prophesied by his prophet thousands of years ago, that in these last days, we would have these incredible disasters.These things are prophesied to happen before the return of His Son Jesus Christ to set up His government over this earth.

  4. Simple, proven by science.  Solar flares/Solar changes.  Half the world knows this but we're not allowed to knows this???  I'd go with proven science than pseudo science climate change data that has been proved to be flawed and incorrect.

  5. Glorious GOD Almighty, Our Lord in heaven, please, have mercy on those innocents people souls, For they shall not suffer the punishments that ment to be for those who are Vile Evil walking this earth and corrupt to the core .

  6. The LORD God Almighty, the Creator of Mankind/Universe , The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Godhead and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah, is establishing His voice on the earth. Repent USA and turn away from sin! Turn away from sexual immorality, from the love of money, from the gospel of prosperity, from homosexuality and return to righteousness and holiness. Jesus the Messiah is coming sooner. Repent!!

  7. It's strange that there is a movement to step away from firmly saying that mankind is warming the planet which is obviously true. What are they hiding? Is this reality a virtual reality? I can't make sense of it which in this world strangely makes sense.

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