1. at this rate I might as well get jubilified…lest i disaapear and then Kuria takes a snap with my shoes in Roysambu. Im carless btw.

  2. in that jubilee government nobody is safe including all the cabinet secretaries Uhuru and Ruto are ready to kill anybody. They will even kill that Moses Kuria and Aden Duale and at the end they will
    end by them killing each other

  3. For sure this is Moses Kuria how comes he tweeted that Chris was enjoying sweet moments with a woman then he is found dead his body brought to mortuary with a body of a dead woman .He continues to say that Chris is planing to rig elections for Raila and that his plans will never succeed while he is alive .What is the meaning of this events ??? We are not fools

  4. Kiambu Mafia. Moses Kuria is the one. No doubt. Just go for Moses Kuria straight away but he will be released immediately. BUT  I by the power of the Holy Ghost, I through a curse his life and the lives of those who connived to kill Chris, and to the  entire destiny of his family  and their families backwards to who ever is alive today  and descendants up to the 15th Generation. He was my friend and dear friend, a humble professional and nice intelligent Kenyan with humble background. RIP Chris. I have used this platform to mourn you and we used to say " As a man speaketh so shall it happen. It shall surely happen to them that squeezed dear life out of you due to Politics of  bitterness and death".

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