1. Perfect time for Eritrea to annex Eastern Sudan , Don't think we Eritreans forget our stolen land (Eastern Sudan) which was stolen by British and given to Sudan. Eastern Sudan is Beja and Tigre land belonging to Eritrea. Beja and Tigre are Eritreans under Illegal Sudanese occupation, that's why the Sudanese government doesn't even care about them, the government didn't even come to rescue Eastern Sudan(Kassala) when the floods destroyed every structure, because the Sudanese government doesn't care for Beja and Tigre in Eastern Sudan because they are Eritreans not Sudanese. Job well done for the brave people of Eastern Sudan for raising up against the dictator government in Sudan. Soon E our Beja and Tigre people of Eastern Sudan will be reunited and reunified With motherland Eritrea 💕💓😘

  2. This conversation should be with government officials, however, unfortunately you will consider as a hostel rival. It seems as if the Democratic Republic of Sudan is no more. There is only the kingdom of Al Bashir. Like the funding fathers of the free world I too believe in one nation under (Allah) with liberty and justice for all.