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Gashe Andagachew Tsigie freedom calls for congratulation for his immediate family, particularly his Elder Father the Honorable Ato Tsigie Habatemariam (a hostage of Woyane himself) as well as his Patriotic-Ginbot Seven family by extension the larger Ethiopian family.

There is no better privilege for me as it should be for every compatriot than to celebrate the freedom of Gashe Andagachew, the General Secretary of Patriotic – Ginbot 7 Movement for Freedom, Justice and Democracy.

As one of the leaders of the first legitimately elected party in the history of Ethiopia – Kinijt, he is no stranger going in-and-out of prison of the illegitimate ruling regime in Addis Ababa that stole the 2005 Election at cost of thousands of Ethiopians lives and freedom of many political leaders and journalist ever since.

The Former Kinijit present Patriotic – Ginbot 7 popular leaders that continue the struggle for democracy in exile against the 27-year old Ethnocentric Apartheid regime earned them all terrorism charges and death sentence from the regime can master.

In rogue nation were winning national election and earning political legitimacy from the people is crime of terrorism and subversion with arbitrary charge with guaranteed guilty verdicts that comes with it, Ethiopians weren’t surprised to see a regime out of control. After all, kidnaping and disappearance of popular public figures have been the hallmark of the 27 years-old rogue regime that remained in power.

But, to abduct a popular Ethiopian leader of a British resident from a third country of Yemen in a cover of war on terrorism was unprecedented to speak more about Western governments that supported the regime since it came to power. They should have known what they have on their hand is a terrorist organization posed as partner for as long as Ethiopians can remember.  After all, Andargachew like many patriotic Ethiopians told them; their old jungle days of kidnaping, racketeering and terrorism doesn’t work. Instead they decided to hand them secondhand weapon and training in the name of war on terrorism to go in the business of kidnaping, neutralizing and terrorize Ethiopians. As the result the regime became the most corrupt and unhinged terror force destabilizing Ethiopia and the Region.

But, putting Gashe Andagachew’s kidnapping and eventual freedom in the proper perspective is as important.  After all, it isn’t about him or his movement but, the people of Ethiopia held hostage at gun point as we speak that got him abducted in the first place. It is all about the rogue group pose as a minority TPLF party that held the people of Ethiopia hostage in the name of Federal government.

In short, Gashe Andagachew and many public figures that were kidnaped and held hostage is not so that the rest of us weep when they are kidnaping by the rogue group and celebrate when they are released but, to end lawless ethnic warlords’ rule that went out of control allover the nation and to make them individually accountable for their crimes.

The fact TPLF warlords masquerading as Federal intelligence agents kidnapped Gashe Andagachew in lawless nation of Yemen and holding him hostage in lawless nation of Ethiopia for four years is the very definition of non-state rouge group out of control.  By conspiring with the late Ali Abdalla Saleh that ruled Yemen for 33 long years in terror to kidnap a British resident at an international airport in a third country is the very definition transnational terror group.

Therefore , after they did all the damage; they have no courage to face one Ethiopian they kidnaped on foreign soil, held hostage at home and charged with made up of terrorism crime and sentence to death attempted to hide behind front President Teshome Mulatu’s  pardon, a classic definition of jungle justice of a rogue group at work and the very thing Andagachew is committed to end and the very thing he told them not to do two decades ago but, they abducted him anyways.

Incidentally, I don’t know much about the figurehead President nor I care to know someone who is willing to sign his name on blank paper on behalf of rogue kidnappers and hostage takers and take the blame worth knowing. But, I am pretty sure he doesn’t know for what the reported padrone of Gashe Andagachew for nor why he accepts a position to make a mockery of justice at the expenses of the people of Ethiopia that suffered so much under Woyane.  Nevertheless, he is as responsible as the warlords that put him there.

the-two-eBut, the ultimate officials responsible for the crimes of kidnaping of Gashe Andagachew in violation of the Geneva protocol and the UN Charter are TPLF warlords that partake in the crime of kidnaping and torture.   The official Ethiopian Ambassador to Yemen at the time of the kidnaping was Hassan Abdala Ali (pictured let) and his TPLF warlord boss and the Former Make-believe Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom and ironically, the present WHO General Director that should be considered fugitive from justices.

The presiding Minsters and Judges at the Minster of Justice and the Federal Courts as well as the Intelligence Agency (all TPLF operatives) have not been charged for their crimes of kidnaping and hostage taking yet. Again, it reviles; there is no government in Ethiopia but TPLF warlord running amok.

Welcome to the lawless ethnic Apartheid Nation of Ethiopia under, according to President Obama ‘a democratically elected Government of Ethiopia’, where criminal groups masquerading as a political party win election by 100% to make it “a reliable partner with the US” to kidnap and torture Ethiopians at will?

As I said before, ‘if you think there is a government in Ethiopia, think again’. Unfortunately, despite the international community assertion for whatever reason, I am proven right again and again there is no government in Ethiopia but rogue group masquerading as one.

When did Ethiopians started listening to foreigners to tell us what a government means let alone ‘democratically elected’ one may be remains the million-dollar question dysfunctional political elites refused to answer yet.

Now Ethnic Apartheid ruling Party of Ethiopia is said to [s]elected a new ‘Oromo’ Prime Minster Abye Ahmed Ali that allegedly spoke with TPLF warlords behind close doors masquerading as ‘Tigray community’  reportedly protesting the release of a kidnapped of an Ethiopian-British hostage from Yemen, once again; TPLF warlords kept hiding from the public doing the same thing; confirming there is no government of Ethiopia but, TPLF warlords running loss.

Why would ‘Tigray community’ have special interest with illegally kidnaped Ethiopian-British hostage accused by the supposedly ‘Federal Government under the new PM and charged by supposedly Federal Courts is more evidence there is no government in Ethiopia.

manewSpeaking of TPLF warlords running loss, it reminds me an article I wrote in July 21, 2014 titled right after the kidnaping in response to a dilutional young man by a name of Fetsum Berhane (pictured left) of Horn Affairs, the home of TPLF operatives/journalist) article; Why do Ethiopia’s terrorists hold British passports?

Appropriately, I asked; “when a little boy grows up to speak the language of Woyane, what can you do?”  to illustrate how far TPLF warlords use the young as a Weapon Of Mass-Distraction.

Knowing he is spitting what the lawless TPLF warlords taught him all his life I wrote;

“Fetsum that refers himself as ‘an Ethiopian resident, economist researcher and a blogger on Horn Affairs’ doesn’t say which Killil he belongs in the Nations and Nationality of Ethiopia the regime prizes as its biggest accomplishment. But he is bold enough to admit he is functionally illiterate i.e. a researcher without a research and a lawyer without the law; not to mention expert in terrorism and journalism.

How could a promising young man with so much life ahead of him reduced into a complete bubblehead?

Before he orders a terrorist charge against me over the phone, let me see if I can help him reeducate himself to be a productive citizen than an assassin of the rotten ruling regime as he appears to be now. By the way, the offer extends to all functionally illiterate Woyane apologists that wouldn’t tell the difference between the law and their wish list.”

You see my people, the problem with the entire Woyane establishment is as rotten as fishes in the desert with noting worth salvage as I have been arguing over the years if only the warlords and apologists listened. Instead, they kept throwing rotten words and bullets one after the other on the people of Ethiopia hiding behind the unfortunate people in Tigray and taking the young and confused Ethiopians like Fetsum in to crimes of corruption, racketeering and terrorism.

Therefore, Ethiopians must be aware of the coordinated assault TPLF warlords and apologists on the people of Ethiopia that eventually resulted in the abduction of Gashe Andargachew.

I knew Gashe Andi. He is a calm and collected deliberative man with few words to say but, when he does; you better be prepared to swallow the bitter truth. If TPLF warlords and their emissaries found him guilty; they wouldn’t be in the business of terrorizing Ethiopians as he advised them not to do so long ago. Instead they conspire with their lawless Yemeni partners to kidnap him and accuse and sentenced him to death with 1000s others simply for passing on the Ethiopian wisdom of; ‘ምከረው ምከረው አልያ መከራ ይምክረው. If they cannot hear from a wise Ethiopian like him then who?

Now, they are forced by their foreign enablers to release him screaming and yelling, the new PM who is trying to talk sense to them to surrender power is having the same problem with Gashe Andargachew.

Now another kidnapped Ethiopian leader is released under a new ‘Oromo’ PM of the Ethnic Apartheid Nation, Ethiopians are back to square one where Woyane warlords refused to surrender power they stole in 2005 from the same people they labeled terrorist and held hostages and pardon.

I vividly remember when TPLF warlords kidnaped the entire Kinjit leadership that won the 2005 election and held them hostage for two years followed by Presidential pardon fiasco instigated by dysfunctional elites posed as Ethiopian Elders.

Incidentally, what happened to the Dishonorable Ethiopian Elders that threw the elected Kinjit leaders under the bus to go on wining and dining with kidnapers? We hope they are not working behind the seen with Kidnap-Pardon business of Woyane though I have a hard time to believe they will seat around do nothing to save their beloved rogue regime.

Well my people, I don’t want to dwell on the past. But, the present is not that kosher either. That is why I warned the new Prime Minster in an article titled “PM Abye, whatever you are up to; don’t insult the intelligence of Ethiopians’. I didn’t appreciate pretending to pardon an innocent Ethiopian instead of making the kidnapers accountable is the right course to take. This lawlessness must stop right away.

Mr. PM, If you ask me; I will advise you to seek advice from nonother than the recently released hostage Gashe Andargachew or many distinguished Ethiopian held hostages and some you helped free from captivity. Only they can save the country from the warlords.

As to Gashe Andargachew Tsigie, what can I possibly say more than what was already said by many except feeling vindicated for saying; you will be back to do more of what they prevented you from doing.

But, knowing your tormentors’are cowards, I assure you sir, you forever held their mind hostage as they did your body for four years.  I know… I know you don’t want it to be about you but the bigger issues of Ethiopians, I agree. But, forgive me for indulging in celebration of your freedom and what they put us through.

The struggle will go on until the people of Ethiopia held hostage are free to finally say to you and your compatriots and us all; WELCOME COME BACK HOME to Ethiopia for good.

The article is dedicated for 1000s of Ethiopians still held hostage and Andagachew family as well as his Patriotic-Ginbot Seven family. Special gratitude for his Honorable Patriotic Father Tsigie Habatemariam for enduring TPLF’s torture at his old age as he endured Fascist’s invasion and occupation of our country.