Arrest Warrant issued to Getachew Assefa – Former Intel and Security Chief of Ethiopia



Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

An arrest warrant has been issued to Mr Getachew Assefa, the former chief of Intelligence and Security Services of the Ethiopian government. He is wanted for several crimes committed over the past 2-3 decades against decedents, whom he alleged, threatened the EPRDF regime. According to sources, however, Getachew Assefa has already crossed the border to Sudan. The Tigray regional government police officials have reportedly helped the ex-spy chief to escape arrest by taking him to the border in the west.

Getachew Assefa has been absent at the currently held EPRDF executive meeting in Addis Ababa where 36 members from the foursome coalition are said to have heated debates and arguments. He and his former colleagues that held top positions in the TPLF led government has been staying in two luxury hotels in Mekele – the capital city of Tigray away from the reaches of and seeking protection from the federal government led by PM Dr Abiy Ahmed.

Getachew Assefa is known for his brutally and his extreme secrecy as even to this date no video or photo of him are found in the archives of the government or other entities. He held several unknown and unmarked private houses where he interrogated innocent citizens subjecting them to extreme physical and mental torture.

Worried by the recent political changes in Ethiopia and concerned for their safety, Getachew Assefa is said to have sent his family abroad to the United States of America where his two daughters (Le-elti and Maryamawit) are attending colleges.