Editorial Policy

Abbay Media News

  • Abbay Media will aspire to be a consistently reliable and authoritative source  of news for all Ethiopians without exceptions;
  • Abbay Media news will be accurate, unbiased, impartial, fair and as comprehensive as possible;
  • Abbay Media will strive to seek primary sources that could be on the record and named. In circumstances when a source can not be named for a variety of reasons, Abbay Media may use anonymous sources with full description of the situation;
  • Abbay Media will only use audio, video and written materials or documents verified for authenticity and truthfulness;
  • News items will be measured on the basis of its factual content, information, educational value, and its ability in redeeming security to the general public.
  • Extraordinary events could be reported for their entertainment value.

Formal Retraction

  • Abbay Media will take immediate action to correct errors.
  • A formal apology, verbal or written will be issued to the party or parties affected. In the absence of aggrieved party or parties, the apology will be issued to our audience.