PM Abiy Ahmed formed the Ethiopian Diaspora Thrust Fund Advisory Council



Abbay Media News
Yassin Ibrahim

His Excellency PM Abiy Ahmed announced the formation of the Ethiopian Diaspora Thrust Fund Advisory Council today, August 9, 2018. Last month the PM asked Ethiopians living abroad to donate a dollar a day for providing necessary services like clean drinking water, schools, clinics, etc and said he will form a thrust fund for this purpose.

During his visit to the United States , PM Abiy, repeated his call for the formation of the thrust fund and was widely accepted by majority of Ethiopians.

Today in the press release he PM’s office, named the fifteen council members for the thrust fund. Dr Al Mariam, professor of political science and attorney at law, is named chairman of the council. the council members named included distinguished members the diaspora and include the popular human rights activists Tamagn Beyene and Obang Meto.

On august 4, 2018 the Prime Minister’s office also announced the formation an Advisory Council that will oversee the process of privatizing large state-owned enterprises like the Telecommunications Agency and named its members.