The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization Rebrands Itself



Abbay Media News

Yassin Ibrahim

The Oromo People’s Democratic Organizationa, OPDO, is rebranding itself under a new name, logo  and party song, according to the EPRDF ( Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Force) Official Facebook page.

The rebranding , the party said, is in consideration of the new chapter in the political struggle, and to make the party stronger and more competitive in participating in the process of democratic system building.

The party plans to hold its next general assembly under the new name of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP). It will also have a new flag with colors that reflect the culture, the Geda system of the Oromo people, the people’s determination to work hand in hand with the rest of Ethiopian brothers to build the Ethiopia in which equality and freedom reigns and is economically rich.

The Old party song titled “ Roorroo Miidhaa Keenyaa…” is outdated as it solely focuses on past administrations’s oppressions and brutalities and doesn’t help create hope and bright future.

However, the Oromo People’s Democratic Organization doesn’t plan to change the party political program and will remain in the EPRDF coalition.