OPDO leaders mounted a scathing attack on EPDRF officials


Abbay Media
Shiberu Tamerat

Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO) party members leveled a scathing criticism against the leadership of Tigrayan People Liberation Front (TPLF) party and its members at the recently concluded Ethiopian People Democratic Front (EPDRF) executive committee meeting.

OPDO members provided a detailed account of the number of businesses and properties listed under the ownership of high-ranking TPLF officials in Addis Abeba and several regions of Oromia.

Mr. Lemma Megerssa and Dr. Abiy Ahmed disclosed their findings showing EPDRF leadership is dominated by TPLF members while OPDO and other member parties are underrepresented in a leadership role. OPDO members also provided evidence that show TPLF and its members are deeply steeped in corruption, involved in contraband businesses in different regions of the country and also revealed the ill gotten wealth acquired by TPLF officials that is accumulating in foreign accounts.

Recently the government of Ethiopia has been claiming that there is no one party dominance in the coalition that makes up the EPDRF. However, Mr. Megerssa and his colleagues vehemently disputed such claims and provided ample documentation that would otherwise show TPLF’s dominance in the government. TPLF leadership has so far neither denied nor accepted the accusation lobbed against its party by OPDO members.

Official reports that came out following the conclusion of the meeting however paint a sharply contrasting picture that led to confusion and disputes. In one instance during the meeting, OPDO leaders suggested that the military should be held accountable for its role in putting down dissent through out the country. However, the official report bestowed kind words upon the military for its effort in bringing peace and security to the country. In another instance OPDO leadership took a firm stand and advocated releasing political prisoners, and was received very well by the participant of the the meeting. To date not a single political prisoners has been released.

Although the government of Ethiopia have been denying jailing any political prisoner for the last twenty six years, Prime Minister Hailemariam recently announced that the government of Ethiopia will be granting pardon to jailed political prisoners and will be released soon.

OPDO members were seen to be speaking with one voice during the meeting unlike ANDM party members who appeared to be divided on many issues raised in the meeting.