1. A bunch of fools see how only black countries were named you didn't here Morocco or Egypt only black these people are so dumb there being play like a man with a side chick china got there army there damn they so stupid you can only shake your head tell guana hell no we not going to Africa we slaves here and they want us to go there and be slaves to the Chinese please wont happen hold up American Europeans did the same damn thing smh hey Chinese we still friends right they will be here soon and we owe a lot

  2. Guess how much USA owes China… $500billion to $1Trillion.
    You jump onto social media to do this almost a propaganda video because some African countries owe these little sums.

    You got a thumbs-down from me for the first time.

  3. Where did you get your information on Ghana from?

    Even the opposition in Ghana have withdrawn what you said and have apologised. IMF has reaffirmed that Ghana hasn't taken any loan as the opposition wanted to claim.

    It's a shame you allow the opposition's propaganda to get to you… you did the same mistake with that military base thing when they misled you.

    Pls do your checks well because some of us have subscribed to get reliable info.

  4. China is in Africa to put economic chains on our necks. They know African leaders are all corrupt and useless, and will put as much money as possible in the continent to make sure, we are crippled and enslaved to them for life. They don't even like black people in China, and think our skin is black because of the sun.

  5. Shame on all Corrupt leaders especially Angola Leader Do Santos He has over 50 Billions dollars of
    Stolen money in Europe Bank while his country owes China 25 Billions dollars

  6. To owe China is worse than owing the Western countries. China's agenda of being the super power country in the world is working well…. Conquer Africa and own all it's resources and baaammm!!!!!….. You go it!!!…. China is giving the predatory loans to Africa knowing that Africans will never be able to pay. We are still not well in managing and running our economy for years, what makes us think that if we get massive money we will be able to manage them? Africa really didn't need any loan in the first place, WE ARE NATURALLY RICH! Sad!